Film: Despertar / Awake (2014)

Director: Jose Maria Cabral, 84mins, Thriller

Duration: 79mins

Genre: Thriller

Synopsis: Rene, a prop maker for the film industry, has recently married Naomi. Following a one evening argument, Naomi disappears without trace. Rene then receives a phone call from someone who claims he saw her in a car accident. As the police can’t find evidence of the accident, Rene starts his own investigation and discovers the unnerving fact that they were both in the accident. Managing to find the lab, he finds Naomi and discovers the horror of what really happened.

A very slick thriller with fantastic, credible performances.

Cine Holliúdy

Film: Cine Holliudy (2013)

Director: Halder Gomes

Duration: 91 mins

Genre: Family/Comedy

Synopsis: The massive arrival of television in the country side of Brazil, in the ’70s, puts in jeopardy the small movie theaters businesses. Francisgleydisson is the owner of Cine Holliudy, and he must be extremely creative to keep his passion for cinema alive. A Brazilian way of showing its passion for the 7Th art, even in the remotes areas.

Cinema Paradiso is a close reference.

Sofía y el Terco

Film: Sofía y el Terco (2012)

Director: Andres Burgos

Duration: 84mins

Genre: Comedy/Drama

Synopsis: Sofia (Carmen Maura) and her husband Gustavo (Gustavo Angarita) live in a small village in the Colombian countryside. Sofia has a dream: to go to the seaside but Gustavo stubbornly refuses to entertain such an idea. Frustrated, Sofia decides to take care of the situation.

A charming, touching tale of love in the time of obstinacy.

EL ultimo pasajero (The last passenger)

Film: EL ultimo pasajero

Director: Mathieu Orcel

Genre: Documental

Synopsis: Agustín Muñiz & Mathieu OrcelIn a Gost town located in the Argentinian Coast lives in an abandoned hotel Eduardo Gamba, a nice old man and owner of the building. Eduardo always comes out the door to welcome tourists who are drawn to the Boulevard Atlantic Hotel, built in a neoclassical style and devastated by the passage of years. He offers a guided tour, where he tells legends of the place: his mysterious origin, his passionate romance with a French singer, among many more stories. But when night comes, he recognizes: none of this is real.

Gente de Bien

Film: Gente de Bien (2015)

Director: Franco Lolli

Genre: Drama


Synopsis: Eric, 10, finds himself almost overnight living with Gabriel, his father, who he barely knows. The man has trouble keeping their heads above water and building a relationship with his son. Maria Isabel, the woman Gabriel works for as a carpenter, decides to take the child under her wing.

El abrazo de la serpiente (Embrace of the Serpent)

Film: El abrazo de la serpiente (2015)

Director: Ciro Guerra

Genre: Mistery/Adventure


Synopsis: The story of the relationship between Karamakate, an Amazonian shaman and last survivor of his people; and two scientists who work together over the course of 40 years to search the Amazon for a sacred healing plant.

La Ballena va llena

Film: La Ballena va llena


Synopsis: ‘La Estrella del Oriente’ collective, made up of plastic artists, musicians, writers and poets, prepares one of his works: “The whale is full”. The work consists of the construction of a large cruise ship, with capacity for five thousand people who will accept successive contingents of migrants who wish to improve their existential situation. Once on board, through the intervention of curators, artists, psychoanalysts and experts in the art world, migrants will be educated and spiritually prepared until they become works of art. From that moment, they will be able to enter any country of the so-called “First World”, since the legislation of these is largely protective of the arrival of works of art to their museums and foundations.

Por mis bigotes

Film: Por mis bigotes (2015)

Director: Manolo Caramés


Synopsis: Though it sounds incredible, little Ulises with only nine years old, from one day to another grows an enormous mustache. This situation, appearing to be ordinary, starts a series of extraordinary events for him, his mother and his best friends; Marcelino and Lula. From this moment onward with the company of a bunch of very curious characters they will have to face this hairy adventure.

Por mis bigotes

Film: Historia de un Oso (Bear story – 2014)

Director: Gabriel Osorio


Synopsis: Gabriel Osorio’s short film “Bear Story” tells the sad story of a lonesome bear who builds an elaborate mechanical diorama in an attempt to remember (and perhaps recover) the life he used to live with his wife and son, before he was ripped from his home and sent to a circus. The film was a critical success, winning the Academy Award for Best Animated Short Film at the 88th Academy Awards. The short was inspired by the director’s grandfather, Leopoldo Osorio, who after the Chilean coup d’état was imprisoned for two years, then forced to live in exile for the duration of the dictatorship.